Another 5 business ventures to take on in Thailand

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Thailand is the land of opportunity, provided you know where to look. The other week we presented some of the lesser known businesses that are lucrative in the land of smiles and in this article we’d like to give you five more.

Health Care

Yet another profitable area that most people wouldn’t consider. The Health care business in Thailand is booming. People from western countries come to Thailand to take advantage of the low costs of medical procedures such as dental, cosmetic and breast augmentation.


This one is a bit of a no-brainer, the beaches of Thailand are ideal tourist destinations so it only makes sense that resorts are going to attract big business.

Tour companies

You might think that there are already plenty of Tour companies out there, but one thing foreigners have as an advantage in this area is that they know how to cater to western needs. The avenue for International tour companies is a vast one.

Automobile rental

Thailand has plenty of automobiles but very few automobile rental companies for travelers, making this a niche that is really worth looking into. One unique approach is to offer rentals with drivers, so that travelers don’t have to navigate their way through the chaotic traffic.

Jewelry Design firms

Many people don’t know this but Thailand is an absolute hotspot for gemstones and jewelry. The cost of such materials is very cheap in Thailand and can be sold for a lot more in countries overseas.