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Alex Lamont

The British designer Alexander Lamont has been working in Thailand since 2001. At his Bangkok atelier housing a team of 100 artisans, he designs and makes powerfully tactile and organic furniture, lighting, wall coverings, gifts and accessories. In Phuket, we are fortunate to have access to his exclusive collections at his gallery in Surin Plaza which caters to a loyal following of luxury villa owners and visitors to the island.

Alexander Lamont has grown his brand in Thailand with an emphasis on the marriage between craft and design. Working with rare and precious materials that hail from the European Art Deco era such as shagreen, straw marquetry, lacquer, bronze, mica, rock crystal and parchment, Lamont has trained his Thai artisans in the most refined European craft skills applied to contemporary, modern designs. “I am interested in the meeting point between natural materials, form and time. The resulting pieces contain a vibrancy of surface born of the hours, hands and eyes that nourished them,” he says.

When Lamont shows us his work, he reveals a passion and a depth of knowledge about his materials and methods that leads us into another world. He describes at length his method for building up the surface of a lacquered straw marquetry table: layer upon layer of natural lacquer is applied upon a perfect circumference of straw marquetry. Each layer is left to dry and patiently rubbed back to reveal a shimmering, translucent depth of surface that defies today’s trend towards fast, easy production methods and shallow, short-lived quality.

Alex Lamont

Or when showing us a beautifully refined table-top box in straw marquetry he describes how the rye straw comes from the fields of Southwest France and is cut, dyed and made into ribbons, before being inlaid by hand piece by piece by a skilled group of Thai craftswomen to create a mesmerizing surface that catches and reflects the light with extraordinary vitality. Alexander Lamont’s work has to be seen to be believed.

Alex Lamont

Alexander has slowly acquired a core group of believers among the world’s best interior designers – David Collins, Studio Sofield, Peter Marino, Jean-Louis Deniot to name a few have all collaborated with Alexander on some of the most exclusive residential and hotel projects, and the interiors of the flagship stores of Louis Vuitton in Paris and Rodeo Drive and of Chanel in London.

In Thailand Alexander’s collections are available exclusively through his stores in Bangkok and Phuket. Do not miss this opportunity to experience Alexander’s collections with your own hands and eyes. Visit his gallery in Surin Plaza – you will soon find yourself a passionate believer.

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