Lidia – Queen of general marketing and a high-class specialist in reputation marketing.
Head of Marketing Dpartment at Railand group and Editor-in-Chief at RealLife Phuket magazine.
If you don’t know what, how, and when, you call Lidia. She will find answers, phones, information, people, contracts, your missing left sock, and a needle in a haystack.
Bad car driver, but professionally drives you crazy. Ruled at magazine, Ginza holding restaurants, interior design studio, Moscow and St-Petersburg’s marketing agencies, and charitable foundation.Prefers to spend her free time in nice restaurants, dressed up in a nice dress, or observing street art and graffiti, but doesn’t have enough time to do it.

Helen – SMM goddess.
Head of SMM at Railand Group, and Lidia’s right hand and left kidney.
Pretty early Helen realized that the more languages she speaks the more benefits she gets. Now she can forget words in 3 languages: Russian, English, and Spanish.
Languages opened the world to Helen, and now she can’t stop traveling. Because of that, she is always full of new ideas and trends that she wants to implement into her work. We even had to mute her in all chats.
Helen likes unique combinations in her work and life. She is calm but crazy, she drinks whiskey with milk and listens to Motley Crue after Rihanna.
Her biggest achievements:  work at, VTB, Huawei, Toyota motors, and of course Railand Group.

Lina – Mistress of words
Copywriter, author, and content writer at Railand Group and Real Life magazine.
Lina has terrible handwriting, which is why she prefers to type. She avoids being on the frontline but is always aware of what is happening on the island. Can make you fall in love with the product or place you didn’t even want and need.
Lina speaks 5 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, a little bit of Hebrew, sarcasm, and irony. But voices in her head probably know more.
Like every team member, she is suffering from a lack of free time and sleep, which is why she developed the skill to be asleep while writing. We are not sure it is working tho…
Lina never leaves you on read, because writing is her passion.
Had a chance to work with real estate agencies, creative agencies, and even sex-shop. Living her best life, huh?

Julia – Visual expert Designer
Julia once decided that it is much more interesting to create beauty in Bali rather than in Moscow. She dropped off her hairstylist work (hopefully not in a mid-session) and enrolled in Moscow Digital Academy. Gained knowledge, confidence, and money and decided that traveling the world and working from Indonesia on Monday, France on Tuesday, and random countries on different is more exciting and looks like a dream life.
We are glad we could catch this little creative flying bird in our team net.
Julia is in charge of all designs in the Railand Group and she definitely knows what is she doing.