A worm in an Apple

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Julien Reveillet

“Macs are safe from viruses” was always one of the most used arguments in the never-ending conflict between Apple and PC users. Is it true? Yes…and no. Safer they are, but entirely safe, not anymore.   

Apple’s macOS has always been more secure than Microsoft Windows, for two main reasons. Firstly, because the sales ratio between Mac and PC has always balanced towards the latter, simply making PCs a bigger target for viruses. Secondly, Apple is still one step ahead of Microsoft, thanks to their hardened operating system.

But now that Mac user community is getting bigger, hackers start paying more attention to Apple platform. New hazards are constantly emerging and threats such as ransomware, previously prevalent only on Windows PCs, are now putting Macs at risk too.

“How do I protect myself?” you might ask, but first let’s talk about how not to do it. I personally believe that we don’t want our Macs to become Windows PCs, overloaded with security software, noticeably slowed down with warning popups showing every single minute. This is why, instead of using third-party software, it’s best to keep your Mac up to date. Apple often releases macOS security updates, simply apply them as soon as they show up to keep your Mac safe.

And then…stay vigilant. Think twice before installing new software and don't be a fooled by “free” applications advertised online. Except if you are an advanced user, stick with the App Store for new apps.

But what if it’s too late and you already have a worm in your Apple? I personally recommend a program called “Anti-Malware" from Malwarebytes. It will scan your computer and get rid of anything unwelcome. And if that’s not enough, visit us at Phuket My Mac, we will clean your Mac of all viruses and malware and show you how to keep it safe.

By Julien Reveillet

Julien is the owner of Phuket My Mac – the island’s favorite Apple service point. To fix, sell or buy an Apple computer, visit them at their shop in Cherngtalay, call 076 325017 or send an email to contact@phuketmymac.com. For more information, visit phuketmymac.com