A word spoken is past recalling. TOP 5 useful Thai phrases

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Have you ever noticed when travel, how local people react to you trying to speak their local language? Thais will definitely start smiling and discuss it among their selves and, probably, you may get some discount or free product. Telling it from my personal experience after several years living in this Land of Smiles. So here are my personal TOP-5 words and phrases in the Thai language that might help you. Here we go.

Number 5: Thao rai ka? (said by a female) / Thao rai kap? (said by a male). Translated as “How much?” but is pretty useless if you don’t know numbers. So let me add it here as well.

One – Nueng

Two – Song

Three – Saam

Four – See

Five – Haa

Six – Hok

Seven – Jet

Eight – Pet

Nine – Khao

Ten – Sip

Eleven – Sip aet

For numbers 12-19 just add the number to 10, for example Twelve– Sipsong, etc.

Twenty – Yeesip

For numbers 20-90 just add 10 to number, for example Thirty - Samsip

Hundred – Roi

Thousand - Pan

Number 4: Ko tot ka (said by a female) / Ko tot kap (said by a male). Useful words when you accidentally push someone or you need to make your way. The translation is “Sorry”.

Number 3: Mai pet ka (said by a female) / Mai pet kap (said by a male). I wish I knew these words when I first ordered Tom Yum in Bangkok and it turned me into a fire dragon because of the spiciness level. It is translated as “Not spicy” and it really saves my life and taste buds now.

Number 2: Sawasdee ka (said by a female) / Sawasdee kap (said by a male). A simple phrase to build a first impression. The translation is “Hello” and “Goodbye”. Actually, the real meaning is much deeper, but Thais are using this phrase to greet and take leave of.

Number 1: Kop khun ka (said by a female) / Kop khun kap (said by a male). I would say this is one of the most important things to say, translated as “Thank you”. Be grateful to people and you will be surprised how much you can receive in return.

Try it once you arrive to Thailand.

It is not a Thai language class, but the true opinion of one girl who is enjoying living in Phuket.