6 Ways to Balance Out Online Learning: Mindfulness

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Lucy Keller Lucy holds a BA Sociology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, is a Qualified Yoga Instructor, a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher (UCSD) and a .Bfoundations and PawsB mindfulness teacher.

Online learning is challenging, not only for students but for their parents and teachers too. While many schools and families have been forced to resort to online learning, it may feel difficult, if not impossible to ensure that students maintain a good balance of activities and learning without having them constantly glued to their screens. 


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Apart from creating a structure to the day in order to ensure that students are able to stay engaged and can maintain some routine, UWC Thailand’s educators will share 6 tips over the next few days to ensure students have the opportunity to maintain balance while learning from home.

Practice Mindfulness Daily - 

Being online feels something like being in two places at once. Trying to have a life at home and a virtual life at school can make us feel really unbalanced. For parents, this begins with remembering that you are human and being gentle with yourselves, as you can only do so much.  When you feel overloaded with the usual household tasks plus online work and children’s online learning, taking pauses to stop and ask, ‘what is truly important at this moment?’, can help you make choices for your own wellbeing and subsequently the wellbeing of your family. 

Recent research encourages us as parents to be compassionate with ourselves first, as children pick up on this stress. Encouraging children to take pauses to check in with themselves throughout the day will only work if this is part of the family or school culture. 

Recent research encourages us as parents to be compassionate with ourselves first, as children pick up on this stress.

Stopping at a designated time as a family each day to practice mindfulness and come back to the present moment can be really helpful. This gives you the opportunity to check in with your thoughts, emotions and body and discuss everyone's needs as a team. A daily gratitude sharing session is also a routine that could be incorporated into the day. Connecting to things that you appreciate and are grateful for as a family can also boost the mood.

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