6 Ways to Balance Out Online Learning: Get Outside

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Rob Carmichael Rob is the Outdoor Education Officer at UWC Thailand. He launched a sports activity company in Shenzhen, developing the company from the ground up to have over 300 students participating in after school and weekend training programs.

Explore the outdoor world on your doorstep



As we spend more time indoors than many of us have done before, now more than ever, it's important that we take deliberate action to step outside and allow ourselves to be in a ‘green space’.

There is a catalogue of evidence that spending time in nature (even small green spaces) can positively affect our mood and psychological well being. Whilst we may be limited to our gardens and local neighbourhoods, it may surprise you how much there is to explore.

How much do you know about the nature and wildlife outside your front door?

We often think of exploration in macro terms - discovering mountain trails, vast swathes of the jungle or the rivers that run through them. But there is so much we can learn from micro exploration in our immediate environment; from plant life and flowers to insects and birds. We are fortunate to live in a country that has such biodiversity that there is usually some form of animal or insect life nearby and almost certainly flowers and plants in bloom. How much do you know about the nature and wildlife outside your front door?



Taking time to walk in these green spaces regularly, either individually or as family, can help us create a sustainable routine that allows us to get our bodies moving and experience gratitude for the nature we have around us. 

There are also a number of activities that we can engage with and wilderness skills we can continue to develop while we continue with home learning. Some of the tasks our students have been working on in recent weeks have been focused on knotwork, compass building, water filter making and nature journaling. There are a number of online tutorials that you can follow, as well as Kru Rob’s video series on his Youtube channel.

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