6 Ways to Balance Out Online Learning: Brain Breaks

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Remke Langendonck Remke is an MYP workshop leader and has worked in Chile, Singapore (UWCSEA), Germany and Korea, where she has held various roles as Head of Department, Advisory Coordinator and Activities Coordinator. She is born in the Netherlands, trained as a whole school Physical Education Teacher with a specialism in Sports Management and holds a masters degree in advanced educational practice. Remke is MYP Coordinator and Head of Physical and Health Education and moved to UWC Thailand with her husband Joost and their two daughters Elke and Mijke. She is keen to explore the island by bike and hike through the jungles.

At UWC Thailand we are very much aware of the limitations our students are facing in this time of lockdown and online learning. The Physical Education department together with the rest of the faculty encourage our students to stay active in a form that suits their home situation and, like in school, promote the idea of brain breaks, which can help to maintain a balance in the day.

All primary school students took home a sporting item like a tennis ball, skipping rope or badminton racket to encourage them to continue to play. We also provided both primary and early childhood students with an online Activity Grid, which includes thematic activities to choose from. These overviews include gross motor skill activities, dance and movement, swimming and fitness as well as suggestions for training specific skills in football and basketball. The best category is the fun section where students can be inspired to do something different for a change. 

Last but certainly not least, we use our online platform Seesaw to connect with our students, share ideas and learn alongside them how we support each other.