5 ways to avoid the heatwave in Thailand

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It’s always hot in Thailand around this time of year but if you’ve been living here for a while you’ve probably noticed that in the past few weeks it’s been hotter than usual for the season. As temperatures have been reaching up to 40 degrees celsius, tempers have also been coextensively flaring. Thailand is known for being a relaxed nation but this type of heat can get to anybody. This is why we’d like to tell you about a few ways to keep cool. Some of them are pretty obvious, but others you might not have thought of.

Go to the Beach

Yep, this is one of the obvious ones. But hey, it’s worth mentioning because there are so many amazing beaches to visit in Thailand all year around. Even if you live in an area far from the sea, buses, trains and planes can take you to a tropical oasis in a matter of hours at a very affordable price.

Go to a Water park

The water parks in Thailand rate as some of the best in the world. Google them on the internet and you’ll be sure to discover a fun place near you.

Go to a shopping centre

Feel like going for a walk but it’s too hot to step out the front door? Don’t worry, shopping centres are always nice and cool and are a great place to take refuge when traipsing through the heat.

Go see a movie at the cinema

Cinemas are another great place to get free Aircon. A lot of the time, people take blankets in with them because the cinemas here are so cold. You can even rent a blanket from the ticket counter.

Make friends with someone who has a pool

Condos in Thailand are very cheap and they often come with a swimming pool. If you live in a place that doesn’t have one, make friends with someone who does. Simple.