The 5 stages of being an expat in Thailand

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There’s a good reason why there are so many foreigners living in Thailand. It’s an amazing place that provides easy, affordable living with plenty of job opportunities. It’s also a land of juxtaposition. On one hand, Thai people are some of the friendliest in the world but on the other, Thai customs can be very confusing and bizarre for foreigners.

Expats living in Thailand often have mixed emotions about the country and its strange ways and this is why we’d like to introduce the 5 stages that you should be aware of when living in the land of smiles.

STAGE 1: The first Impression

The first time you come to Thailand, the place will blow you away. Chances are you’ll fall in love with everything and never want to leave. At first, the things that will end up annoying the hell out of you will seem absolutely fascinating.

STAGE 2: The come down

After the initial high of living in such an amazing country, the effects will start to wear off like those of a wonderful drug and you’ll start to get accustomed to everything. This is when the more subtle details of Thai culture will become apparent. Some of which you might not like.

STAGE 3: Culture clash

This is the stage you need to be careful of. It’s very easy for foreigners to get angry at things in Thailand because the customs aren’t in line with those from their own countries. This can be a tricky hurdle to get over. Many expats stay in this stage for years. Don’t be one of them.

STAGE 4: Acceptance

Hopefully this will be a stage that you reach, should you choose to live here. It’s the one where you’ll accept that people from all around the world are different and you’ll be able to embrace these differences rather than get annoyed by them.

STAGE 5: Integrating

This is the final stage, where you become absorbed by Thai culture. You’ll start to speak a little bit of the language, you’ll gain more Thai friends and you’ll understand the ways of the people. Just don’t get too caught up or you’ll forget your own ways.