5 Bizarre things you didn’t know about Thailand

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To many foreigners, Thailand is synonymous with the word bizarre. There is an expression here ‘This Is Thailand Sucker’ that is used whenever something bizarre in a uniquely Thai way occurs. The country is filled with many odd places and customs. Here are some you might not have come across yet.

Hell Park

Most amusement parks are centred around happy things like animals and flowers. In Thailand, this isn’t always the case. Wang Saen Suk Monastery is a Hell-themed parked filled with all sorts of gory sculptures. A great place for the kids.

When a police officer does something shameful in Thailand they are often made to wear pink ‘Hello Kitty’ armbands when working. This is one of the cutest and funniest things out there, so whenever you see a police officer, keep an eye out for his arms.

Siriraj Medical Museum

If you want to have nightmares, this is the place you should go. Murder weapons, mummified rapists, deformed babies. You name the nightmare fuel, it’s probably there.

Cabbages & Condoms

Those two things usually don’t go well together but in Bangkok, there is a restaurant that mixes them quite swimmingly. Condom sculptures are everywhere. Instead of getting a mint with your cheque, you get a condom instead. Just don’t eat it.

Mummified Monk

In Koh Samui, there’s a mummified Monk in a glass cabinet that wears sunglasses 24/7. Why is this the case? Go and find out for yourself. He’ll probably still be there when you arrive, he’s remarkably well preserved.