5 of the best Business opportunities in Thailand

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People often decide to move to Thailand because it’s a wonderful place to live, plain and simple. A lot of people end up teaching here because teaching jobs get handed out like free candy, but there are many other more lucrative ventures to pursue. Here’s a handful.

Import and Export companies

Thailand is a major transportation hub in Asia, which makes it an ideal location for importing and exporting. Expats are always looking for something from back home, so why not provide it for them?

Translation service company

With the advent of the ASEAN community, translation services are needed in Thailand, now more than ever. Why not capitalize on this niche and form your own team of translators, editors and marketers?

Catering Company

You would think that with all the amazing Thai food around, there would be no need for catering services. This isn’t the case however, as many successful people in Thailand work long hours and don’t have time to cook. There are also many functions happening around the country at all times. The catering industry in Thailand is booming.

Web design business

If you’re a Tech-head, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the land of smiles. Companies in Thailand are always looking to update their websites so that they can gain an advantage over the competition.

Real Estate

The real estate market in Thailand is probably one of the best areas to get into. The cost of real estate here is constantly rising due to the country’s popularity, making a real estate venture a very profitable one indeed.