Real Life Media is not only about places or events, it is also about people. People from different countries, different cultures, different backgrounds, and different lives. But they all have something in common. They are here, in Phuket. And we would like you to get acquainted with them.

Please meet Anna Dragunkina, the producer from Russia. We had a little talk where she shared her way in her career, her ups and downs, and her point of view on the movie industry in general.

Producer Anna Dragunkina was born in Samara, Russia, and was surrounded by creative and TV-related people since childhood. After school, she decided to apply for the GITR (Government Institute of Television and Radio). She also used to be a master of the course for working producers.

Her filmography counts 12 works, most TV shows. Her television career began with various shows that were booming at that time. She believes that it is important for the plot to be catchy and interesting to watch.

Anna hopes to be able to work in cooperation with Western colleagues, both in development and promotion, and in the distribution of final projects. The market has changed a lot, and we need to focus on filling the grid so that the viewer has something to watch.