For many of us quality beach time means nothing more but pure relaxation and even meditation at some point. And it is not a surprise that many people are looking for more secluded beaches and prefer to be far away from the tourist Kata, Karon, and Patong.
Well, we may regret it later, but here is our list of secret or just not-that-popular beaches on the island. Keep in mind we only share this information with friends.

Ao Yon

A lot of visitors are told that the Panwa area is not suitable for swimming and really cannot be considered a beach spot. Well, we are happy to refute that. This small beach is a real pearl in Panwa. It is pretty easy to pass it by without notice at first time, but if you have been there once, you will fall in love. The beach is naturally divided into 2 parts by rocks. Both parts are wild and there are no sunbeds or umbrellas. The main highlight is that even during the low

season, Ao Yon is calm and offers nothing but peace and tranquility. There are several small hotels and private villas on the beachline, and some nice bars and restaurants around offer traditional Thai food, seafood, and European cuisine together with various drinks. You also can rent a kayak or a SUP board and enjoy a peaceful and picturesque ride. 9/10 for frequent low tides.

Nui Beach

If you are looking for a real adventure and experience to get to the beach, then Nui is your choice. This small sandy area is hidden between rocks, and cannot be reached casually. You have to get a short ride in a pick-up down the very bumpy road first. But once you are there, you will understand that all struggles are worth it. White sand together with blue water, and no crowds make this place a perfect spot for a relaxing day.

Instagrammable areas are created for those who take pictures seriously and want to catch every moment of their holidays. A local bar and a cafe won’t let you starve while you are sunbathing. 8/10 for the hard way to get it and big waves off-season.

Khao Kad Beach

This wide enough sand strip is the first one on the west side of Cape Panwa. The fact that the Panwa area is considered not the best place for beach time makes its beaches quiet, secluded and nestled away from the noise of highways. The beach is facing west so you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets from there. The area looks and feels not very developed, but it has its own charm in it.

This oasis has a couple of local bars and cafes, and if you drive a little further you may enjoy the beach bars and restaurants at both ends of Ao Yon Beach. 6/10 for frequent low tides, sand quality, and current construction (as of February 2023).

Yae Beach

You may also know this place as Pon Beach. The only 500 m sandy strip is located between Kamala and Patong beaches. This area is fully occupied by the luxurious Naka resort and if you are not a guest there, they probably won’t let you visit. However, locals say, there is a hidden path you can use if you drive a motorbike. The area is covered with lots of trees which create natural shade during the day. There is, honestly, not much to do, but this beach is definitely the one from the secret list. Beware of currents during the low season. 5/10 for not being public and developed.

Hua Beach

A short, only 331 m, the beach is located at the beginning of Kamala Beach if you drive from the south. It is quite rocky and the sand is mixed up with dead corals. However it is still a scenic spot that is worth stopping by. Hua Beach is ideal for those who are looking for a private getaway. There are rarely any tourists or locals, which makes this place the perfect spot for bikini photoshoot. Keep in mind that there are no restrooms and no cafes at the beach, so if you get hungry, it is better to drive toward Kamala area. 6/10 for the sand quality and being undeveloped.

Have you ever visit any of those beaches? Come to Phuket to discover more with us!