Children are our future and today is the day to celebrate and honor them.

There is a Thai saying that “Children are the future of the nation, if the children are intelligent, the country will be prosperous”. To emphasize that, Thai people set the day, the second Saturday of January, dedicated to children

The first time this day was observed was in 1955. Since then, it is a national day. The main idea is to create an awareness of their role, and for kids to be kids and have fun.

The National Children’s Day in Thailand is called  “Wan Dek” (wan – day, dek – child). Every year the Prime Minister chooses the slogan of the day and gives a motivational speech. In 2023 the day goes under the following motto: “Good children are diligent and crave learning, for a bright future.”

To celebrate this day Thai people take their kids to take part in different activities such as visiting museums, zoos, amusement parks, playgrounds, cafes. etc. A lot of local authorities and privately-owned places provide discounted or free admissions for kids.

Children’s Day is celebrated all over the country, even though it is not a public holiday but a very special day.

Educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens prepare concerts, festivals, and a day full of fun, favorite food, and of course gifts. 

Children’s Day is a perfect occasion for kids to enjoy themselves as well as encourage and inspire them, and for adults around to show appreciation and respect.

Happy Children’s Day!