Driving in Thailand sometimes can be hectic. However if you take responsibility and do not violate the traffic rules, you can enjoy the quiet relaxing manner of driving.

Every driver holding Thai driving license will 12 points at the beginning. Every traffic violation will lead to deduction. Let’s see, why you theoreticaly can lose points:

  • breaking the speed limit;
  • using a phone while driving;
  • not wearing a motorcycle helmet;
  • parking ban violation;
  • failure to let pedestrians walk on zebra crossings;
  • red-light jumping;
  • intentionally driving in the wrong direction;
  • illegal racing;
  • impared driving.

The most common violations such as driving on a red-light will cost you 2 points, while illegal racing – 3.

But starting from today, 9th of January 2023, Thailand, there will be the new system of fines, that might leave you without you driving permission for 90 days.

The most serious case, impared driving will cause the deduction of 4 points.

Once the driver lose all points, their licence will be suspended for 90 days. If the suspension happens 4 times in a year, the driving permit will be terminated.

All points will be automatically restored in one year or after training session. The more sessions are taken means the more points are restored. However keep in mind, that you cannot take more than 2 sessions a year.

The whole idea of the newly introduced and launched system is to prevent repeating violations andpromote safe driving.

Drive safe and follow the rules!