For a couple of last months Russian-speaking community was living awaiting the 6th of January. The reason was simple – the concert of Belarus and Russian art-rock band B-2.

This group was born in 1988 in Belarus. Its 2 permanent members, Shura and Lyova, met in 1985 and began their path hand by hand-through all obstacles and difficulties.

In 2000, B-2 took part in the soundtrack creation for the movie by Alexei Balabanov “Brother-2” and starred in this film as themselves. The song “No one writes to the Colonel”, sounded in this blockbuster, instantly becomes a hit, and remains one of the main tracks.

After the release of the clip “Barbara” and the radio single “No one will come” the band signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment Russia.

For the sales of the B-2 album, published at that time with a record of 400,000 copies, the group received the international World Music Awards in the Best Selling Russian Group category.

The band had a period while they lived in Israel and Australia. In 1999 both of them came back to Russia. 

The first grand performance of B-2 took place on the 10th of December, 1999 at the very first “Nashestviye festival. The following year the band had their first appearance on TV.

The concert took place in Laguna Groove and when we tell you it was packed, we are not exaggerating. The area right in front of the stage became a real dance floor. People sang in unison and it was goosebumping. The organizers of this amazing event received tons of words of appreciation for the excellent sound and the concert itself. 

Both Shura and Lyova were absolutely touched by the warm welcome of the community. There were no limits, people of

different ages were enjoying and singing their favorite songs, and new hits.

Thank you B-2 for this amazing evening!