Are you a fan of good and different food? Do you like trying new things and treating yourself to something you have never tried before? If you have answered “yes” at least on 1 question, you will definitely like this article. Without further do, welcome to d’Odessa, a restaurant of Odessa cuisine at Boat Avenue.

We were curious and decided to ask the owners themselves to tell us about their “child”.

– What is the story behind this business?
– We wanted to bring to Thailand a piece of our beloved city, a city with a unique beautiful history, a city with which we have a lot in common.  Our ancestors lived in this city.  That is why the restaurant is named directly after it.

What is your favorite dish from the menu? 
– We can eat everything from our menu.  All dishes are favorites.  It is impossible to choose which one is better, borscht, syrniki, or dressed herring.

It is impossible to try everything on the menu for the first time, so you will have to come back, especially when each of your visits accompanies a shot of gorilka and a piece of sourdough bread with lard.

– We know that opening a business in Thailand for a foreigner is a kind of quest. What challenges did you face?
– We arrived in Thailand 13 years ago, and immediately formalized the business officially and legally. This is probably why we did not notice any particular difficulties in registering a business in Phuket. 

The restaurant is a family business and is run by several family members. That is why the atmosphere there is a true treasure: warm, welcoming, and letting you want to come back.

The city of Odessa was their inspiration from the beginning. They want people to learn more about it. And one of the easiest but most effective ways – do it through local food. 

In the excessive menu, you can find heart breakfasts, traditional vegetable pancakes, various pickles, a big variety of salads, soups, main dishes, and much much more.

The only difficulty we encountered was the construction, or rather, cooperation with the contractor company, which was supposed to repair the premises and did not fulfill all obligations. As a result, we lost money and nerves, and several months of possible work.  We opened 4 months later than we planned.

Can you call yourself a happy person?
– Any person feels happy when he can eat his favorite olivier salad, herring under a fur coat, pickles like in the grandmother’s village, and much more, every day, at least all day, being in the tropics.

After visiting a restaurant with homemade traditional food in Phuket, you will, for sure, be able to call yourself a happy person. Give it a try!

If you want to learn about the menu, visit their website or go visit the restaurant straight away here.