One of the biggest events of 2022 took place last weekend at Kata Rocks. Kata Rocks Super Yacht Rendezvous James Bond-themed party is the grand closing event of the 2022 season. 

The themed evening was a real chance for Phuketians to wear the best suits, evening dresses, high heels, and jewelry to feel the atmosphere of James Bond movies.

Let’s start with decorations. Several photo zones were created to picture the best moments of the event. Poker tables were great additions to the atmosphere and perfectly matched the idea. 

While guests were arriving, Kata Rocks served various drinks from simple to unique cocktails. If you think that cocktails and entertainment are the only memorable thing about that event, we are glad to tell you you are wrong. Guests were enjoying exquisite charcuterie boards and various cold cuts. The whole hamon and fresh oysters were in the center of everyone’s attention. Canapes, appetizers, and desserts were mouthwatering. Every bite was a symphony of tastes. 
The guests were entertained by the live violin and dancers, and ballerinas. Watching the dancers hitting every note, while the violin makes your soul happy – was a real pleasure.

After several glasses of unique cocktails, it was time to dance and enjoy the live band performance with hits back from 70-s, 80-s, and 90-s. It was impossible to sit or stay still. Heat on the dancefloor increased immediately. 

The hosts of the event definitely know how to make a good first impression. But they also know how to keep this impression until the last minute. They saved the most spectacular performance for the ending. In the dark, the musician in a glowing costume flew out of the water on a flyboard and played his glowing guitar while he was doing crazy tricks on this crazy machine! Just imagine!

The colorful and incredible fireworks to the accompaniment of great DJ sets brightly ended the evening.

We are looking forward to meeting KRSR 2023. Can’t wait to see what are they going to create next year.